Experience in business strategy and operations with many high-tech and consumer brands.

Serving organizations with analysis, strategic planning, operations leadership, consumer insights, and critical e-business solutions that deliver benefits such as increased customer loyalty, revenue generation, productivity, and costs savings.

My strengths include blending insights and business acumen. I have extensive experience establishing the use of enterprise data for analysis and am exceptionally skilled in developing actionable insights that position organizations for success in rapidly changing and competitive global environments.

Successful at building and maintaining a high-performance team capable of delivering against complex business challenges.

Force for Good Business services include:
•Growth strategy development and execution
•Data analysis & actionable insights
•Strategic business planning
•Marketing assessment & program development
•Continuous process improvement

Let's talk about how to help it "all come together" and have the organization operate more smoothly, and there are three key milestones along this path:

1) Establish a market-dominating position that separates you from the competition and focuses your value proposition against a niche target audience.

2) Develop a tactical marketing plan that identifies the optimum lead-generating strategies and executes a consistent outreach level with measurements to track effectiveness.

3) Track a series of Key Performance Indicators and set a process that establishes the business's controls and routines to ensure the operation stays on task.

Reach out for a free assessment of where your business stands, and together we'll build a plan to achieve sustained success.

Additional Tangible Skills:

• Analytical Insights & Artificial Intelligence: Data Analysis, SQL, Machine Learning, Python, Excel, Tableau, Data Visualization, Executive KPI's and eCommerce Scorecards
• Effective project management office "PMO" & project management among cross-functional teams
• Global experience working across multiple international regions and leading teams both in-person and virtually
• Entrepreneurial/ highly motivated/deals well with ambiguity/service orientated with all levels
• Attention to detail and experience in mediation, negotiation, and conflict resolution